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My long-awaited review about the film Waking Ned Devine

In the small Irish village Tully More a inhabitant  wins a jackpot in the weekly lottery - but no one knows who the winner is. The two old friends Jackie O'Shea and Michael O'Sullivan make along with Jackie's wife Annie try to find  to determine the winner. As the old Ned Devine not appear  at a given Party for this purpose, Jackie find him at home and finds him dead in front of the ongoing television, the winning ticket in his hand - apparently he died of fright about winning. Since it is already late at night, O'Shea decide to  report the death until the following day. At night,  Jackie has a dream in which Ned told him what a party he would organized for all the villagers of his win.

Inspired by this dream, Jackie and his friend Michael decide to collect the  lottery winning instead of Ned Devine. The good speaking Jackie tried to imitate against the lottery company in Dublin far as Ned Devine. A storm has cut the telephone lines of the village the previous night, the only link to the outside world is a cell phone near a cliff.After the call to the lottery company, the two friends practice at the beach the expected discussion with their representatives, who,  surprisingly appears already in the moment. He asks for directions and if Jackie O'Shea know a Ned Devine. As Jackie O'Shea now can not emit more than Ned Devine, must the seated behind a rock, Michael O'Sullivan take over the role, which leads to some complications. Jackie O'Shea guides the lottery representatives on numerous detours to the home of Ned Devine. Meanwhile, there already  Michael O'Sullivan arrived by motorcycle and emit to be Ned Devine. The lottery representatives announced that the gain is much higher than expected, namely 6,894,620 pounds. He announces further inquiries in the village about Ned's identity for the next few days. Jackie decides, given the amount of profit to dedicate every 52 inhabitants of Tullymore in the plan and also to distribute the profit among all.
The plan is generally supported of the Inhabitants.  Lizzy Quinn initially refused to sign and then blackmailed all others: Only for a share of one million pounds she will  agree to the thing. The villagers take their threat  not serious, since the village is still cut off from the outside world and Lizzyis only able to  travel with her electric wheelchair
When Ned Devine's funeral surprisingly the representative of the lottery company appear for his inquiries, what Jackie has to improvise an obituary for his old friend Michael O'Sullivan, who "own" stirred attends funeral. This scene dispelled all doubt, that the representative of the alleged Ned Devine handed over the check and depart again. The entire village celebrates the win.However, Lizzy Quinn has now, unnoticed by the celebrants, made in her wheelchair on the way to the phone to denounce the fraud. But as soon as the connection is established. The lottery agent plagued by hay fever caused maneuver of the oncoming vehicle. The car in which the returning to the island pastor is collide with the phone booth which together with Lizzy Quinn thrown from the cliff.
In a subplot, the love story of the pig farmers Pigfarmer Finn and his lover Maggie O'Toole is told she lives with her son Maurice by her father. She loves Finn who thinks he is the father of what he also loved Maurice. However, Maggie can not stand the smell of pig, Pigfarmer Finn want and can not give up his job..
Even as the winning party Jackie learns from Maggie that Ned Devine, Maurice's real father was. He then wants to leave her all the profits. She refuses because she would not tell Finn  the truth about Maurice: A good father is more important for boys than seven million pounds in her mind.


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