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Hi Jan,
Your REVIEW like it very much. I think the most important aspects are included. Despite the scale and detail she invites you to watch the film.
I think the end of the film very sad and was shocked when he died.
Are you also a hooligan?
how did you get it to you to decide for this movie?
I'm not sure if the movie does not play down the problem of Hoooligangs.
In the game between Gladbach and Cologne we have seen how stupid these people act and how those actions are punishable.
Topic again doing thoughts.

Ma-Ryan airline


11.3.15 10:26


Here my short review about Four Lions

The film Is about a young Muslim friends Omar, Waj, Faisal and Barry the latter being a converted English. They live in Sheffield and plan on their own a blow in the holy war against the infidels. Because of that, Omar and Waj visit a terrorist camp in Pakistan, where they promote, among other things by mistake while trying to shoot down a US drone using a 4 FFV AT, Osama bin Laden to the afterlife. During their absence Hassan joins the cell. Faisal, who wanted to teach crows to sacrifice themselves as suicide bombers, dies in an accident with explosives. The film reaches its climax when the holy warriors try to blow up the London Marathon in the air, but with their projects fail to kill a lot of people there.

 This Movie is absolutely brave and actually recommended for everyone .It is about 4 totally different suicide bombers from London. But he has a very hard topic to be quite successful satire to look at. Here no religion is insulted but blind faith parodies. The excellent actor makes one joke after the other, but not lose the thread and are rarely humor is when the thread is about to ignite the bomb again and again. If the justification for terrorist violence more or less according to personal circumstances is bent into shape. It should be noted maybe even the Benedict Cumberbatch has a supporting role to the end of the film is absolutely perfect.

In my opinion this is a typical Britfilm and the film fits very good in our overtopic stereotypes.


4.3.15 10:55

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